Systems and relationships are at the heart of success in this industry.  PWG knows there is nothing better for either of those than clear and timely communication.

Customers log into our proprietary software system to track inventory, purchase order and sales order shipment processing or delivery status in real time.   Our reporting tools offer sales data, traffic data, inventory forecasting and more.

PWG invested in an in-house team of developers to design and build the system.  That way we have control over the accuracy of information and relevance of the services provided.

Some customers use the tools as designed.  Others with more robust needs work with our team for custom programming to seamlessly sync with their own existing accounting and other software.


  • Access to innovative technology services
  • Real time inventory management and forecasting
  • Accounting and invoicing
  • Order and shipment processing
  • Custom programming
  • EDI
  • Redundant systems/sites for backup and recovery
  • Easy account login
  • In-House Programmers


Inventory Management Software (IMS)

Transportation Management Software (TMS)

Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

Merchandise Reporting Software (MRS)