In anything, balance is an important element.
It’s true in life.  
And it’s true in business.  

At Purity Wholesale Grocers you’ll find a business that is on the cutting edge of the industry, and a team that in many ways mirrors a family.  You will also find a sincere commitment to caring for the community.

PWG’s founder, Jeff Levitetz consistently sets the example of thoughtful giving by contributing his time and resources.  Perhaps our greatest pride is the non-profit organization Jeff founded.  The Levitetz Family Foundation, Inc. provides funding for an array of children’s and other meaningful charitable organizations.  Our employees have made a personal commitment to giving as well.

From helping relieve some of the devastation in the aftermath of natural disasters, to keeping desperately needed, yet poorly funded clinics up and running, PWG has donated time, money, water, canned goods, diapers, and more.

We do all of this because we believe being connected to the community is our responsibility as a company and as people.  We like to think we’re stronger because of it. And maybe a little better, too.